Q: How did HSR start?
A: Bob Renock and Mat Martin founded Higher Step Records in Evansville, Indiana in March of 1998. The label started when their band Olive Lucy recorded their CD and decided to put it under their own label. It wasn't long before they started putting out their friends records as well. Martin now lives in Bloomington, Indiana and does his share of the label work via the internet and cell phone. Renock has chosen to stay in Evansville because he hates hippies and hipsters. Martin is, admittedly, a little of both. Renock has made an exception for Martin.
Q: Is HSR accepting demos?
A: We're always interested in hearing new and exciting things. We also love My Space more than we're comfortable with. Send us a message there and add us as your friend if you like. myspace.com/highersteprecords If you have some deep moral objection to My Space, write us an email at
ar-dept@higherstep.com with a link to your website and/or where we can find out about you and hear what you sound like.
Q: I am a writer/magazine/radio station, how can I get promos?
A: E-mail promotions@higherstep.com with your information, and we will try and send one out. We have a limited amount of promos to send out so be sure you get to us early.
Q: How can I get on the mailing list?
A: Send an e-mail to mailinglist@higherstep.com, with your name, address, and e-mail and we will add you.
Q: How can I book an HSR artist for a show?
A: Please visit the page of the artist in question and look for an e-mail address under the booking heading.

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