Leo - Guitar, Vocals
Ryan - Guitar, Vocals
Tim - Bass
Aaron - Drums
Jeff - Bass

Navigating the sound between broken hearts and the ever present promise of a better day, five star theory quickly established themselves as one of the most dynamic and energetic bands in the midwest. Often lumped into the "emo" category due to the energy of their live shows and the earnestness of their lyrics, five star theory's sound appealed to fans throughout the underground scene and beyond. Their sing/shout along anthems of youthful abandon were juxtaposed with quiet moments of reflection and frailty. This was a band channeling the sounds of the reckless abandon of youth crashing into the uncertainty of young adulthood. Simply put, five star theory sounded a lot like growing up. Their debut album, "your life is passing by", introduced the band to the world in fine style, capturing the intensity of their live show, while giving the listener a better opportunity to absorb the nuances of their more melodic moments.

There second recording "make these moments last" was a fine example of how much a band can grow in just a few short years. Although released after their breakup, the album was a statement of how well these guys worked together.