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Catalog#: STEP029
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Intentions to Break

Kevin - Guitar
Danni - Vocals
Derik - Drums
Michael - Bass

It's always been said to make waves, it's better to be a big fish in a little pond. If that's the case, then Southern Indiana's Intentions to Break are poised to break through the mold.

What started out as an acoustic trio of female fronted rock, Intentions to Break quickly assembled a fleshed out band and employed a full on, sonic assault that could rival any pop-core band. The 4-piece group, led by the kinetic, Danni McPherron, possesses the pop pretense of bands like Paramore, the attitude of Be Your Own Pet, and the fire of Philly hardcore bands like Blacklisted, in part, due to Kevin Buffington (guitar), Michael Cassidy (bass), and Derik Crays' (drums), pinpoint precision.

Over the past couple of years, the band has appeared on stage with Murder By Death, Gentleman and Scholars, Inhale Exhale, The Apprentice, Lords, Fight! Fight! Fight!, Callahan, Calico System, and Victory Records stalwarts 1997.

Recently, they wrapped up recording their new album, "Perseverance," which is slated to be released March 23rd on Higher Step Records. "Perseverance" was recorded in the famed Farm Fresh Studios (Betty Dylan, Drakkar Sauna, John Mellencamp, Murder By Death, Sam Lowry) in Bloomington, IN by Jacob Belser.

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