Kit Malone

Kit Malone - Guitar, Vocals

Kit Malone is a performing songwriter from the Midwest. He plays a unique blend of fractured folk, country rock, primitive blues, urbane social satire, and sad sack songs about girls -- mostly in the key of G. While he doesn't shy away from political commentary, Kit's songs are also about fictional places and characters drawn from the mythology of the midwest. His songs of loss and personal failure appeal to a wide variety of audiences, from local blue-collar bars to campus coffeehouses.

With quiet charisma, sly wordplay, and a wry sense of humor, Kit has won over audience members and critics throughout the midwest. His music has been featured on the open mic section of All Songs Considered, and he has also been recently featured as Local Artist of the Week by, NUVO, and WTTS 92.3 FM.
Kit's debut album, Unburden, is available on Higher Step Records. Produced by fellow songwriter Sam Lowry, the album includes some fancy guitar work by Jason Groth, of Magnolia Electric Company and the Coke Dares, backing vocals by veteran songstress Jessica Weiser. His second album, Yolonda, will be released in March 2005.

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