Olive Lucy

Brad - Alto Sax
Mat - Bass
Fish - Trombone
Aaron - Drums
Amy - Vocals
Leo - Guitar
Brandon - Trumpet
Josh - Bari Sax
BOB - The Source
Pat - Sax
JD - Bass

Olive Lucy's sound could have been classified as ska/rock/sex-funk/swing but even that only began to describe their unique sound. Add in touches of everything from Latin music to trip-hop and you realize that this band was not afraid to try anything.
Their live show was a sweaty musical chaos. An explosion of melodic energy that made them one of the fastest growing bands in the mid-west. No matter what age or musical preference of the crowd, Olive Lucy always entertained and impressed.
Their debut CD "Golden" was produced by longtime friend and Grammy nominee Marc Chevalier. This 10-song disc serves as a nice introduction to the Olive Lucy sound.
Olive Lucy's was half way done with their sophomore effort when the band finally called it quits. They left a lasting impression in the midwest music scene.