Professa Riff - Guitar
Patch McMean - Vocals
Raw Bizznaz - Bass
Snackie Onassis - Drums

Tremendous Fucking is exactly what the name implies: an auditory onslaught that simultaneously inspires fear, euphoria, a slight burning sensation, and deep feelings of shame - the kind you feel the next morning when you're scamming a ride home in the same short skirt you went out in the night before. Like bastard children of the Jesus Lizard and Black Flag, TF lives and breathes a breed of rocknroll that is largely extinct - the kind that actually rocks. With a live performance that leaves throats sore, fists clenched, and colons cleansed, Tremendous Fucking renders listeners utterly shell-shocked and speechless the next morning when the judge holds up an anatomically correct doll and asks "Now please show the court where the band touched you..."

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